The user shop, or user catalog, is a place where any CB user can upload or buy items to make their bombian look even better. Every item uploaded to the user shop is automatically an object, so that means it will take off any object you have on when you put on an item from the user shop, and that only one can be worn at a time. StuffMaker is working on items types for the UC.

Uploading ItemsEdit

Rules About UploadingEdit

Cubebomb is a child-safe environment. Before you can upload an item, it has to be approved by an image moderator.

The list of Mods can be found here.

Here are the Official Rules of uploading, as of 9/11/2010:

Your image should not contain any of the following:
1. Blood and Gore
2. Intense Language
3. Use of drugs or intoxicants
4. Real guns or weapons. Fake ones are fine (Like toys, etc.)
5. Racism of any kind
6. Innapropriate themes
7. No color changing items - this means that you can't make an item that changes your character color completely, and if it does, there should atleast be a design, logo, badge, etc. 
8. The item must keep the CubeBomb spritit. No completely different designs than that of your character.

How to Upload ItemsEdit

Uploading your item on Cubebomb is easy! Just click on the "User Catalog" link in the navigation bar, and follow these instructions:

  1. Click on the "My Catalog" button on the left of the catalog, under the "Controls" sidebar.
  2. Click on "Create an Item" under "Actions"
  3. In the Upload Panel, fill in the info, find the image file, pick the color of the Bombian in the Catalog image, and click "Upload and Publish!"
  • The Item Name is the name of the item.
  • The item description is a small paragraph that will display under the item name on the item's page,
  • The price is how much the item will sell for, if you choose to sell it.
  • The item image is the .png file you will use to create the item. For more information, see Item Creation.
  • "Render Color" is the color that the Bombian in the item preview will be. You know how there's always a Bombian in the item's picture? This setting determines its color.

Once your item is approved by an Image Moderator, it will be on sale!

Tip: Sell your item low or people wont buy it!

Suggested ReadingEdit

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