Turner without Admin badge

Turner as a regular user.

Turner as an Image Mod

Turner as an Image Moderator.

Turner is an Image Moderator on CubeBomb. He wasn't always like that though.


Turner joined as the user "ROBLOXian" on 7/23/2010. He became a V.I.P. (a rank no longer available) about 7 days later, and then he became an Image Moderator the day after that.

Turner became an Forum Moderator that August.

Turner then became an Administrator in September.

Around October, problems became noticeable. Turner was power-hungry. He craved more and more power.

Turner was fired and demoted back to a regular user. Later on, he talked to StuffMaker and became re-instated as an Image Moderator.

Since then, Turner has learned from his
ROBLOXian Forum Mod

Turner as a Forum Moderator.


Turner as an Administrator.

and he is more responsible.