Currency is money. And money makes the world go round. You need currency to get things, and this is true in both the real world and in Cubebomb. In CB, there is only one type of currency: Orbs.


"Orbs are the main, and yet only, currency at CubeBomb.

It's an orb. Only one, though 3:


- Cookie

To get orbs;Edit

  • Make items in the user shop. People buy them and send you the orbs!
  • Wait 24 hours. You get 25 instantly!
  • 24 Hours for 25 Orbs (You will get your 25 orbs if you sign in within 24 hours of when you joined.)
  • If you're in a mod position, you'll be paid in orbs.
  • Having an item in the official shop is a way to get a TON of orbs!
  • If you join a contest you could earn some orbs!

Can't wait? Buy 'em!Edit

Conversion rates for RWC/CBO (Real World Currency to CubeBomb orbs)

  • 1,000 CBO/ 1$ USD
  • 2,200 CBO/ 2$ USD
  • 6,000 CBO/ 5$ USD
  • 14,000 CBO/ 10$ USD

Amazing, right?

Just go to the "Upgrades" page on Cubebomb.

For more info on upgrades and RWC support for CubeBomb, visit Upgrades.